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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

KSG Finserve offers Wealth management which is all about managing client’s wealth / Net worth. As part of wealth management, investors often actively try to identify and take advantage of profit-making opportunities. Wealth management is an Opportunity-oriented personal finance management offered by KSG Finserve. We priortize client's financial growth and further accumulation of the existing wealth. Wealth Management is an Active wealth management process. Here, We will make decisions based on your portfolio, your risk tolerance and your preference for wealth preservation or wealth growth. Then We will execute the asset allocation by investing in various asset classes based on your risk profile. Wealth management is undertaken by wealthy people who have already achieved or fulfilled their basic financial goals.

Basic Process

Analyse client Wealth

Create a Management Plan

Execute the Management Plan

Report client Regularly


You need Wealth Management advice at every step of your financial life and in all different circumstances be it changing jobs, comfortable retirement, Cash flow arrangement for a big purchase, life changing event like marriage, suddenly single,  protection to family, leaving or receiving inheritances etc. You need to  be aware as what effect his/her one financial decision will make on other areas of finances. And this can only be done through a structured approach which is Comprehensive Wealth Management.

No income is enough if you don’t have control on your expenses. Every one has some financial goals to achieve in life , some are certain and some can be avoided or postponed. Its all about priority. You just have to be disciplined and structured in your savings and spending approach. Wealth Management will help you in everything.

The duration of a financial plan depends on the goals that it sets out to achieve. It can cover Short term, medium term and long term goals.

Short term goals are normally targeted in a 1 – 3 year framework, for example a vacation abroad
Medium term goals fit into a 3-5 year horizon, for example, buying a home
Long term goals are achieved in a period of 5 years or more, for example retirement planning.

Wealth Managers advice on your financial life and the proper asset allocation as per your risk profile. They will discuss on the different asset classes be it equity, debt, real estate and gold and also advice you on products suitable for your profile.

Wealth Managers don’t run after returns but they focus on your goals. Infact they want their clients also to focus on goals only. With a regular review of the investments and rebalancing the asset allocation they help in generating the optimal returns required to achieve your goals and keep the volatility in line with your risk profile. They can surely guide you on what is best for your wealth maximisation.

Wealth Management is a common sense approach to managing your finances to reach your life goals. It cannot change your situation overnight; it is a lifelong process. Remember that events beyond your control such as inflation or changes in the stock market or interest rates will affect your wealth management results.

Documents Required for Wealth Management

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